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Ms. Jeppesen's ELL Class


I work with students K-5 who know a language other than English. English Language Learners spend 45 minutes with me each day working toward becoming bilingual, perhaps even multilingual.  

Remote Learning for English Language Learners

Hello Families! 

This is Ms. Jeppesen, your child’s ELD (English language development) teacher. I hope that you and you family are well and enjoying some extra time toether as we stay at home to be safe. I am so happy your child will be working to continue learning English online.  

We will start ELD class with a Zoom Class meeting.  I've sent a note home on Friday, Nov. 13m 2020, with the days and times for our ELD class.  Your child's daily attendace in class is very important! I can't wait to see their wonderful, smiling faces! :o)

My office hours beginning Nov. 17, 2020 are: (This is when I can check email, return phone calls and texts from the Remind App.)

Monday and Tuesday: 11:45-12:15

Wednesday: 12:20-12:50

Thursday and Friday: 12:15-12:45

If you need me, please contact me via email anytime at or through the Remind app if you have signed up with out class.

If I cannot help you through email, we can set up a time for a phone or video call. I can call you using a translator if you would prefer that.

Here are two excellent resources your child may use at home for reading and research:

For Independent Reading:  Epic
Password:  xdq2978

Please Use the DRA feature to access books at your child's reading level.  Click on DRA level and there is a dropdown of choices. as a general rule level A-6 is  kindergarten level or beginning ELLs, Level 8-16 is 1st grade level still a good place for emerging ELLs.  2nd grade is about 18-28 or intermediate ELLs. 3rd grade is 30-38 and 4th and 5th grade are above that level if they are students who are proficient in English.

For Research:

PebbleGo | Capstone Library

Login is: phelmc

Password is: lmc