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Volunteer Code of Conduct


At Prairie Hills, we love our volunteers! They help with a wide variety of tasks that help our students succeed. 

Volunteers are required to sign the Adams 12 Five Star Schools Volunteer Code of Conduct Agreement.  Below is a copy of this agreement. The actual form with the spaces for signature are available at the school, or can be downloaded with the link below.


As a volunteer at a school or at an administrative office within Adams 12 Five Star Schools, I will agree to abide by the following code of conduct.

1. I know that as a volunteer I may witness or overhear information that is confidential with regard to a student or staff member. I agree not to divulge any information that pertains to student record information; this would include academic performance, grades, attendance, discipline, or health information. This would also include personal information for both students and staff which would include address or phone numbers as well as any information learned about home life or family. I also agree not to share any information that is speculated or could be damaging to the character or reputation of a staff or student.

2. I agree to follow all policies, procedures and protocols with regard to student safety, discipline, and school rules. This would include any specified dress code policy as referred to by the district or school administration.

3. I agree to attend any training required of volunteers.

4. I agree to abide by the school policies designated for volunteers. This would include signing in and signing out procedures, attendance, and adhering to any restrictions placed on volunteer personnel.

5. By signing this form, I agree to serve as a representative of the school in terms of attitude, demeanor, and actions. I understand that I will adhere to policy implemented by school administration. I also understand that my volunteer service is intended to assist the staff and students in their work toward academic achievement.

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