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PHExpress 10.25.2019


Dear PHE Community,

This has been a great week of learning for our students.  There are so many bright spots in our building that demonstrate student learning and pride.  Together, we are continuing to build our community of learning as we get to know students better each day.

PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports):  Part of the work we are doing as a staff to support learning and pride at Prairie Hills is aligning our systems and structures to our belief that we have high expectations for our students’ learning and behavior.  A big part of that work is having consistent and predictable behavior systems in place throughout the building. We have a team of teachers, parents, and administrators that have been working to develop a system of support for students and staff over the past couple months.  The team has worked diligently and gathered feedback from the PHE staff to ensure we have consistency in the building. We are now in the implementation phase of this process and want to communicate the system of support to parents as well. Below is a description of the forms we will be using in the building, the purpose of each form and what the communication will be to you if your child should need this intervention.

First, teachers/staff use the flow chart to determine if the behavior should be handled in the classroom/location or if it needs to be sent to the office.  If it is determined that it is handled by the teacher/staff member, the Prairie Hills Minor Infraction form will be used.

Flow Chart

Minor Infraction Form:  If a PHE staff member initiates a Minor Infraction Form, the purpose is to reteach the behavior, provide the student with feedback and give an appropriate consequence within the classroom or other school location.  We know that students make mistakes and sometimes need reminders of the expectations or need consequences if the behavior continues. As clarification from last week’s PHExpress, if a student has three incidents within a month (not in a day) that fall into the “minor” infraction category, you will receive communication from your child’s teacher regarding the behavior.  After the parent contact, if there is another incident, the student will be sent to the office to meet with Mrs. Walsh or Mrs. Garcia. A consequence will be issued and parents will be notified.

Minor Infraction Form

Prairie Hills Office Referral:  If a student exhibits one of the behaviors listed on the flow chart that is to be sent to the office, the Prairie Hills Office Referral form will be completed by the staff member referring to the office.  An investigation into the incident will be conducted and an appropriate consequence will be issued if warranted after completing the process which could include: loss of privileges, in-school or out of school suspension.  Also, a formal discipline report will be completed.  This is a district form that follows district behavior guidelines.

While we always hope students make good choices, we know mistakes happen and sometimes we have the need to utilize a discipline process.  If you ever have any questions or concerns about the process, please feel free to reach out to your child’s teacher or to Mrs. Walsh or Mrs. Garcia.

Prairie Hills Office Referral

Formal discipline

School-wide Consistency: This work has been taking place for a full year. It began last school year.  The PBIS team also developed the Lark Pride system for recognizing positive behaviors.   The team will continue to work on positive reinforcement systems that support a positive climate throughout our building.

Lost and Found:  Our lost and found is full and flowing over!  We have many really nice items in our bin including lunch boxes, jackets and hoodies, water bottles, and a really cute fluffy bunny.  Please come and check things out, we’re quickly running out of room!!

Lunchroom Study Group:  If you are interested in participating in a lunchroom study group focused on procedures and practices, please email or call Tammy Guttropf, our office manager, by October 31.  We are working to bring in our Director of Nutrition Services to help everyone better understand the snack program, as well as build an understanding of the nutritional guidelines that are adhered to in serving school lunch.  We will also be discussing our own procedures for lunch, and parents will have the opportunity to give feedback and suggestions. This group will likely meet a few times across November and December, so please let us know if you’re interested.

Safety Reminders:  

Thank you so much for helping us keep the campus safe by working together in reminding students to walk their bikes and scooters.  We are also so appreciative of your support by keeping your furry friends at home when dropping students off or picking them up. Also, we have seen a huge decrease in students violating the electronics policy and trying to wear hats in the building.  We know it takes a village, and we so appreciate your collaboration in helping us to be in compliance of school and district policies.

Calendar reminders:

October 25:  Trunk or Treat

October 29:  1st grade field trip to Children’s Museum

October 31:  Halloween

Halloween Day Guidelines:  In addition to the linked Halloween Guidelines, please make sure to read the communication from your child’s teacher regarding specific details for classroom celebrations.  Each grade level/classroom varies in logistics.  

While we know many parents/families want to join us on Halloween, as a building, we have a policy that we only allow 5 volunteers per classroom to attend, these volunteers have already been notified and been pre-checked through our Raptor System.  We have this policy so we are able to focus on safety and really make it about the children.    

As always, if you have any questions or feedback for us, please feel free to reach out.