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Mrs. Klancke's Class

General Education

Welcome to Ms. Klancke's online classroom at Prairie Hills Elementary. Here you can find important information about our 4th grade class such as: reference documents for parents and students, what are we currently working on and any class events we have coming up worth noting on your calendar. If you have any questions about the information found here or can't find the information you need for this class you are encouraged to contact Mrs. Klancke directly via her personal contact form on her profile page - linked above with the CONTACT button.

Distance Learning

Wow!  No one saw this coming but here we are.  As I said in my Sunday email, all of the lessons will be housed in Google Classroom.  Your children are pretty independent so hopefully they will need minimal help from you.  I will be sending the children and you a weekly checklist with daily lessons and weekly expectations.  

We know our families are very busy and the learning day looks different.  The expectation is students are doing distance learning a minimum of two hours a day plus independent reading.  We have built the lessons around the two hour expectation.


Mrs. Walsh has emailed you the official district attendance policy for distance learning.  It is also on my web page. The short version is, I will be taking attendance from assignment completion.  Every Friday at noon I will be checking to see if the weekly assignments are complete. If your child is missing work, I can email them Friday to touch base.  I will be turning attendance into the office on Friday afternoons.

Office Hours

  • 8:00 - 9:00 - Zoom morning meeting

  • 1:00 - 1:30 - extra help Zoom meeting.  This is optional for children needing additional instruction

  • 7:30 - 3:30 - available through email 

If the children log on and I am not on for the Zoom meetings it might mean that my internet is down.  I have Comcast and there have been some outage days.


Grading will be very much as it has been.  Some assignments will receive a completion grade while larger projects will be scored on a rubric and given a 1-4.