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Kindergarten Resources

Here are some Kindergarten resources for you.

Document(s)SizeUpload Date
File HFW- Kindergarten 2019-20.docx17.61 KB03/26/2020
File High Frequency Word List K-2.docx14.92 KB03/26/2020
File Vowel Strip.docx68.64 KB03/26/2020
File anchor chart story elments.docx645.87 KB03/26/2020
PDF icon Alphabet Key Word Chart letters 7.27.16.pdf1.06 MB03/26/2020
PDF icon Kindergarten Fluency Practice.pdf1.28 MB03/26/2020
PDF icon Prairie Hills Meadowlarks Online Resources.pdf490.08 KB04/09/2020
PDF icon Reading Strategy Bookmarks with BORDER.pdf234.84 KB03/26/2020
PDF icon Word Wall Games.pdf84.38 KB03/26/2020