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3rd Grade State Report Resources

Third Grade State Report Resources:

Pebblegonext   Username is phelmc   Contact library if password is needed. 

Epic  You can use this site if your teacher has made an account for your class.

National Geographic Kids: Explore the 50 States

Log in to  Hint: When you log in to a school Chromebook, Mackinvia is on your Dashboard so you don't have to enter a password. Click on "Databases", use World Book Student to search for your state. If you are logging in from here, the username is phelmc   Contact library if password is needed.

Just for Fun

U.S. Census: Facts for Schools   You can look up interesting  census information like how many 9 year old boys live in Arkansas.  Hint: The drop down text menu works better than clicking on the state on the map.

Seterra Map: 50 States Game

Wacko's 50 State Capitals (video)

5o States, 50 Birds (video)  Can you find out which states (6 of them!) have the meadowlark as their state bird?