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At Prairie Hills Elementary we are proud to offer Art, Music and PE to all students, kindergarten through 5th grade.   We believe that the arts and movement are important in developing the whole child and promoting different ways of thinking and problem-solving.  Through specials, students are motivated to respect their own uniqueness and that of others.  Please find more detailed information about each of our specials classes below.

Specials Classrooms

Ms. Manning's Music Class

Subject: Music
Welcome to Ms. Manning’s Music Class! Throughout the year, we will learn about music from many cultures and develop our understanding and appreciation of music. Music-making requires cooperation, respectful collaboration, and courage. In our...

Mr. Sousa's Class

Subject: Physical Education
Welcome to Mr. Sousa's online classroom at Prairie Hills Elementary. Physical education at PHE is set up to get kids moving and active! Each day, the students will engage in physical activity appropriately designed for their developmental level....