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Special Education

At Prairie Hills Elementary, we believe that all students can and will learn when given the appropriate venue to do so. We believe in treating our students holistically while focusing on academics. Our students participate in research-based interventions where growth and success are common results. If interested in the specifics of these programs, please visit the Adams 12 Five Star School Special Education website.

Special Education Classrooms

Occupational Therapy Class

Subject: General Education
I hope you have a wonderful summer, Prairie Hills!  I am attaching some fun summer acitivity ideas to this website for you and your parents to check out. Email me at if you have any questions over the summer.

Mrs. Marsden's Class

Subject: General Education
I am missing the PHE community and I'm looking forward to connecting with everyone remotely!  I will be supporting my students through Google classroom (grades 3-5) and Seesaw (grades K-2) as well as collaborating with classroom teachers to...

Mrs. Mo's Class

Subject: General Education
I'm so glad to be able to work with all of you again. I have missed you all!!! Ms. Mackenzie is my graduate student who is completing her school-based practicum. All email correspondence will come from both of us. We will send out invitations...