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Ms. Jeppesen's ELL Class


I work with students K-5 who know a language other than English. English Language Learners spend 45 minutes with me each day working toward becoming bilingual, perhaps even multilingual.  

Remote Learning for English Language Learners

Hello Families! 

This is Ms. Jeppesen, your child’s ELD (English language development) teacher. I hope that you and you family are well and enjoying some extra time toether as we stay at home to be safe. I am so happy your child will be working to continue learning English online.  

We will start ELD class with a Zoom Class meeting. There will be no work to do outside of our class EXCEPT on Wednesdays when we do not have a synchronous class.  I will have more information for you about that soon. It should be able to be completed with very little explanation from you.

If you need me, please contact me via email anytime at

If I cannot help you through email, we can set up a time for a phone or video call. I can call you using a translator if you would prefer that.

Here are links to sites that offer additional learning opportunities if you would like your child doing more at home.  Some may be new to your child, others they will be more familiar with.

Websites for Learning
Website  Description

Seesaw will be the site they use everytime they need to do their ELL work for my class.

Go to the website and click on I am a Student.

It will prompt you for a TEXT CODE in the bottom box.  That is the code I emailed you. Email me at if you would like me to resend you the login information.

  • Go to announcements to see what to do. (on the right)
  • Then go to Activities to see the activities to do for the week.
  • Choose an actvitiy and press play to hearthe directions read to you.
  • Click on the green rectancgle at the bottom of the activity that says add reaponse.
  • When you have completed the activity, make sure to click stop if you are recording video or voice, and then click on the green checkmark in the top right corner.  
  • Usually you have to click it a second time to save.


  • Excellent free resource to learn English. 
  • It will ask you what your child's native language is, so that directions may be provided in that language.
  • This is a self paced program that the children haven't tried yet.  
  • Wonderful resource for students who are new to learning English.
  • Once you are at the website, click the get started button to create an account for your child.
BrainPOP Homepage

Brainpop ELL

Great site to practice English Grammar

Login with you lunch number

Password is: brainpop20


Pebble Go

Excellent site for research.  It provides audio support complete with definitions of key

vocabulary words.

login: phelmc

password: lmc


Raz Kids is also known as Kids A-Z

This is an excellent resource for leveled text.  Students listen to a book, read the book and then answer comprehension quizzes.  You teacher may even ask you to record your reading for a running record. 

Children progress to more challenging books once they have listened to, read and passed a quiz getting at least 4 questions right, for EVERY book.  So if your child is wondering why they haven't gotten a new set of books yet, look carefully to see that they have checkmarks on each of those three components for EVERY book.  Once they do that, the program will automatically give your child a few set of more challenging books to read.

Have fun!

Your child's teacher can help you with login information, if your child doesn't remember it.