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Curriculum Overview


In reading, students read a minimum of 40 minutes a day. During our independent reading period, students will be reading books at their independent level. Students will also be meeting with the teacher to discuss books individually or in book clubs.


In writing, we have a mixture of different genres that we focus on. We write a process explanation essay for a recipe. This writing unit culminates with the creation of a fourth grade cookbook and a potluck to share our recipes. Another genre we focus on is the opinion/persuasive essay. We also have one narrative piece. Rather than writing a traditional personal narrative, we write a realistic fiction snapshot. The last genre that we focus on is a feature article. This writing is similar to what you would typically find in a magazine.


In math, we use the Everyday Math curriculum and find it very useful in teaching number sense, patterns and functions, data and statistics, and geometric relationships. We believe that the spiral curriculum that Everyday Math uses is what helps our students be so successful in math.

Social Studies

In social studies, the students discover the history of Colorado. We look at the geography of what makes our state so special and the history of the people who have explored and lived here. We also take an annual field trip to the Plains Conservation where we get to experience life as a Native American and as a pioneer living on the prairie.


In science, we believe in learning the Scientific Process through inquiry and experience. We learn about life systems, ocean waves, electricity, and erosion.

Thank you for taking the time to read about our fascinating fourth grade curriculum. It is just as much fun to teach it, as it is to learn it!