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Online APEX Fair 2020

Greetings Prairie Hills Families!

During Remote Learning, we are offering students a chance to participate in an online APEX Fair (A Personal Educational eXperience Fair ). Although this is optional, students are encouraged to participate.   Here is the link to sign-up

APEX is a student learning fair, modeled after the traditional science fair, but expanded to encompass any subject which students would like to explore. It is a chance for students to select a topic for which they have an interest, a passion, a concern, or a question. Students may research a topic of their choice, any topic where there is room for new learning, and then create some kind of presentation to share what they’ve learned with others during the Online APEX Fair. Project links will be due on May 7th, and the actual online APEX Fair will be available for students and families to view on Wed. May 13th. 

The APEX Fair is exciting because the projects can cover just about anything, including music, sports, drama, mathematics, robotics, art, architecture, history, and science!

Considerations for Students:

  • The APEX Fair is voluntary. If you wish to do a project, complete the sign up form by April 17th. 
  • If you choose to complete an APEX Fair project, your primary responsibility is to choose a topic that is interesting to you and learn something new about it. You are also expected to produce some kind of digital presentation or display that will demonstrate what you have learned. This could be an online poster or video of some kind, and may include a model or demonstration. You will complete your project, make a digital presentation, and upload a link to your project by Friday May 8th. 
  • You should plan ahead to allow time to complete your APEX project at home. 
  • During this time of remote learning, if siblings who work in the same household would like to work on an APEX project together, that is fine.  

Considerations for Parents:

  • Please encourage and support your student by helping to obtain any needed resources, materials and supplies. 
  • Please ensure students have time and space at home to work on their projects.
  • APEX projects should reflect the learning of the student. Parents should allow students to complete the project with as little assistance as possible. Parents of K-1 students may scribe/type for their children if needed.
  • The APEX Fair is a unique opportunity for student-directed learning on a topic that is exciting for them. There is no grade for an APEX project and the primary goal is for new student learning. This should not be a stressful project! Please encourage a positive attitude to help keep this a FUN learning experience for your child.

Ways To Make an Online Presentation:

  • Create a video (Please try to keep it under 5 minutes.)
  • Create a Google Slideshow in your Google Apps account.
  • Use an online presentation format (MUST get parent's approval first!), such as Glogster, Prezi, Powtoon, Haiku Deck, Adobe Spark, or ThingLink.
  • You must be able to submit a single link that leads to your project. It is okay to have other links within your project, but you will need a single link to turn it in.

Online APEX Fair Expectations:

  1. Student investigates and explores a topic/question of interest.
  2. Presentation demonstrates new learning and information relevant to that topic/question.
  3. Presentation explains the topic, what was learned, and how they will apply their knowledge/next steps.
  4. Overall project should be done mainly by the student. Parents may assist with younger students, but the project should reflect the creativity, passion and learning of the student.
  5. All digital projects must be turned in via a single link (If it is within Google Apps- Slides, Docs, etc., set permissions to anyone at Adams 12 with the link).
  6. Presentations need to be turned in by Friday May 8th.
  7. Submit final project links here.
  8. Project links will be published to Prairie Hills students and families by Wednesday May 13th. 

Possible Resources for Online APEX Fair:

Please see Prairie Hills Online Resources pdf attached below.

Have fun! Expand your mind! Be a Life-Long Learner! We can't wait to see your projects!


Questions? Contact Mrs. Cervera

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