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Got Lark Pride?

lark pride

Welcome to an amazing new year at Prairie Hills Elementary!

The first week of school has been wonderful and we are off to a terrific start preparing our students for a successful year. This year we are transitioning away from our previous LARK rules and are now embracing PRIDE as our school-wide behavioral expectations. Your students will be learning about this new system and teachers will be teaching the new PRIDE acronym and the meaning of each of the vocabulary words. 

P- Perseverance 

R- Respect  

I - Integrity 

D- Dreams to Achieve

E- Empathy 

Though we are now focusing on PRIDE, rather than LARK rules, we will still continue to have Larky the Meadowlark as our school mascot. Students will learn what it means to meet “Lark Expectations” within the PRIDE framework.

Got Lark Pride?