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PHExpress 1.10.2020



Welcome back to the new year everyone!  I can hardly believe it’s 2020! The students came back on Tuesday a little sleepy, but they’re all back to themselves today-full of energy and happy to be with their friends again.  I have a few important announcements below, we are in to our very busy season with lots going on… hang on tight and here we go!

Facebook and Twitter coming soon!

We are currently working with the district to increase our web presence by starting our Facebook and Twitter accounts.  As soon as we’re up and running, we’ll let you know. Our goal is to be live by the end of the month!

Assessment Day 

Assessment day is an important day for all students.  Teacher typically administer either the MAP assessments, individual reading assessments, and/or individual writing assessments during this day.  This day is critical for teachers so they have the most up to date information about their students, and can make instructional decisions based on the most current data.  It’s also important as we work as a building to benchmark our success with students, and provide additional support to students who may not be progressing as quickly as we’d like them to.  

We will be reverting to our past practice around Assessment Day next Friday, January 17th.  Parents, please drop your students through the evening entrance for their testing session. (This is the entrance located on the east side of the building near the Music room.   The kids will wait in the music room to be picked up by teachers. Teachers will also pick up their kids from BASE to test. The classroom teachers will bring students out to front entrance. The teacher will return kids to BASE when they pick up their next group.  For students being picked up by parents, someone will be there to supervise students in the front door foyer/outside, depending on the weather, until parents come to pick them up. Also, please sign up BASE students so that their testing is finished by 11am Thank you for your patience and cooperation, we really appreciate your support during this most important day.

Kinder Kick-Off

We are hosting our very first Kinder Kick-off for the 2020-2021 school year.  This is a time where parents with in-coming kindergartners can get information about kindergarten, BASE, PTO, our specials programming, and how to be a part of the school community.  If you have friends or neighbors who are interested in enrolling, please have them join us at 6:00 on January 30th for an evening of information and fun!

We need your help……

It has come to my attention that many teachers are reporting that they are receiving text messages and emails during the school day relating to where students need to go after school, either one the bus, they’re supposed to walk, etc.  Please know that our teachers never want to disappoint you as a parent, however, they are not always able to check their phone or emails during the school day. If you need to give your student an urgent message, please contact the office, and they will deliver the message to your students.  Our teachers never want to disappoint you, however, it is not always realistic that they are able to deliver a message in a timely manner. Thank you for your help in this, we want to make sure students get messages they need in a timely manner, and we trust our office staff can do that.

Calendar of Events:

Report Cards going home:  1/10/20

Safety committee meeting:  1/13/20 1:30

Assessment Day:  1/17/20

Martin Luther King Day - No School:  1/20/20

Skate City Sponsored by Student Leadership:  1/23/20