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PHExpress 3.6.2020


Hi everyone!  The sunshine is back and moods have lifted all around the school!!!!!  Kids are happier, teachers are all in great moods, and the sunshine has just lifted everyone’s spirits.  We are coming up on a very busy time for our school, so buckle up as you read this week’s edition.


Providing a safe environment in our building and outside have been a huge priority this year.  We have been working on building common language across the building through our PBIS program, we’ve been in classrooms with our Second Step curriculum doing bully prevention work and problem solving and friendship units, and we have developed an Integrated Safety Committee to help support our work on the drop off and pick up procedures.  This Tuesday, the district will be conducting a drone study after school during pick up. They will then share the drone video with our district Security team, the City of Thornton group who is supporting us, as well as our Transportation folks to determine the best and safety options we have for picking up and dropping students off.  

To that end, we have made a safety video we’d like to share with you from the perspective of one of our 5th grade students, Chase.  Chase was involved in a very close call a couple of weeks ago, coming to school on his scooter. This video includes his recollection of the events of that day, and how nearly being hit by a truck made him feel.  Parents, we are asking you to be extra vigilant when dropping off and picking up your students. We have even created a campaign that you can find on our Facebook page, as well as on PTO’s  Facebook page.

You can see the  PHE Safety Video.m2ts.

The campaign is called Give Me Five.  We’re asking parents to make an online pledge that you will promise to:

  • Leave your house 5 minutes early so you’re not in a rush.

  • Set your cell phones down for 5 minutes during drop off and pick up.

  • Obey all traffic rules

  • Take 5 extra steps to the crosswalk

  • Be a good role model

Thursday, March 19th:  I know you all got the message that school will be cancelled on March 19th,  please know ALL PHE after school activities will be cancelled or rescheduled for another time.

Reminder:  Our new lunch procedures will begin on Monday, March 9th.  I have heard from nearly all grade levels that they will be either scheduling their two recesses each day, and/or they have added minutes to their current recess schedule.  We have told many parents, we are trying not to trade time to eat for time to play, but we are instead thinking differently about when we play. Our classroom teachers are working to be flexible, and pay careful attention to their students to determine when it’s time to move.  Please know that I trust our staff as professionals, and to decide when it's time for those important brain breaks and physical activity. Thanks to all the parents who have committed to help us kick off our new procedures for the next week. We so appreciate the help. Please call the office if you’re interested in coming to work with students during this time.

Glow through the Decades with Spirit Week!!!

This spirit week will lead up to an awesome school wide event  

Monday- Tie dye or splatter paint celebrating the 60s

Tuesday- Disco day celebrating the 70s

Wednesday- Jazzercise day celebrating the 80s

Thursday- Black out day celebrating 2020! (Wear all black!) & Skate City 6pm - 8pm

Friday- Neon day celebrating the 90s & Family Glow Party at PHE, 6:30pm - 8pm


3/10 - - Kindergarten Field Trip

3/12 - - Student Leadership Skate City Night

3/13 - - PTO Glow in the Dark Event

3/23-2/27 - - Spring Break