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PHExpress 3.27.2020



Dear Prairie Hills Families,

I hope this email finds you well.  We all realize the challenging times that we’re in for all families in our community. However, as educators, we are chomping at the bit and getting ready to roll as the district begins to initiate the new Remote Learning model for all students on Wednesday, April 1, 2020.   This past week has been a flurry of activities with staff in preparation for this new venture.  

We have been meeting virtually through Zoom and Google Hangouts.  A handful of staff came into the building Thursday and were allowed to pick up any additional learning tools they may need for the coming weeks.  (Please note that we were limited to only 10 people in the building at a time, we had to abide by social distancing, and hand-sanitizer and wipes were used by all). We begin our remote training with the district on Monday and Tuesday, and then we’ll be ready for students on Wednesday!  

I will be sending out a more informational message on Tuesday to all families, so everyone knows what they can expect. But before we get down to business,  we do have a couple of fun things in store for you today. Tanya Garcia, our assistant principal, helped us create a Hello video from your student’s teachers.  We miss you all so much, and the staff wanted to take the opportunity to say hi and share a little bit about who they are outside of school. You can find that link here.

In addition, as we think about how important routines are for children, we’d like every morning to start similarly to our morning message at school. We’re asking that you video your students saying the Pledge of Allegiance, the Lark Pledge, and give us some updates from your family, and submit them so they can be shared with the entire school!  Your student(s) could share how they’ve been passing time, a funny joke, a new talent-anything! Adrienne Foubert, our Social Emotional Learning specialist is putting a sign up together, and Christine Cervera will be posting these videos on the front page of our website each day. It's a good way for your students to get to see their friends, and for students to begin their learning routines just like they do at school.  So, if your family is interested in submitting a Good Morning Prairie Hills video, please email and she will send you more information about the particulars. She will send you a great exemplar made by the Foubert children.  

We know these are strange times for everyone.  We want your students to know how much they are loved and cared about and MISSED by their teachers.  I will be sending you more information about our learning next week.  

Take care everyone, we miss you all