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Report Card Information

Lark Families,

Welcome Back!  We hope your child has enjoyed their time back in their classrooms, aside from the challenging technology concerns.  Thank you for your patience, perseverance and partnership in their learning.  

Today, Jan. 8, 2021, at 4:00, student report cards will be available in the Infinite Campus (IC) Portal, at which time you will be able to log in to the portal.  As we begin a new year, we hope you will find report cards as an opportunity not only to mark students progress in their grade level standards, but to support them in their development of a growth mindset as lifelong learners.  The greatest impact a report card can have in a child's educational journey is in developing students understanding of the  link between their actions and their grades and the belief that they can reach any goal they set out.  A few questions to ask/discuss:

  • What are you most proud of in your 1st Semester?  What were the action steps you took that made you successful? 

  • What is one area you have really improved on throughout this year?  How did you do that?

  • What is one area/goal you may not have met YET and would like to in the 2nd Semester?  What are 2 action steps you can take to meet your goal?

We look forward to seeing each of our students during our upcoming assessment days to celebrate their hard work and support them in their goals for the second semester.  Other report card updates:

  • Paper copies of report cards will be made available when students return to in-person learning. Students continuing with remote learning will have the opportunity to pick up a paper copy at the school at that time, if you choose. 

  • Due to the interruptions to learning caused by the Covid pandemic, you may see some grading marks that you haven’t seen previously

-It’s possible that some grade level standards have not yet been taught or have been taught only minimally (and may vary between cohorts in a grade level). If that is the case, you will see a ‘/’ in that grade standard criteria indicating that progress toward that standard has not yet been assessed. These areas will be covered during the second semester and the ‘/’ will be replaced with a progress mark of 1, 2, 3 or 4.

-Some report cards may also have a mark of ‘INS’ in a particular grade standard criteria. A mark of ‘INS’ is utilized when the student has not submitted or completed assigned work that would adequately allow a teacher to determine progress toward a standard. In these cases, your child's teacher has likely already communicated with you about work completion/submission and will continue to work with you and your child to ensure that student work is completed, and progress can be adequately assessed.

We want you to know, though the past several months have brought challenges and required adjustments in teaching and learning, we assure you that our staff is committed to working diligently to meet the needs of every student.  We know that we have much work to do to prepare students for the next school year and will prioritize our instruction and support to make that happen for each and every student.  To that end, I encourage you to communicate frequently with us, so we can align our efforts at school and at home for the benefits of our students and their DREAMS to ACHIEVE!


Stephanie L. Auday