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One Book, One School

The Very, Very Far North by Dan Bar-el

Prairie Hills is excited to announce our first ever One Book, One School event!  All students (remote and in-person) will be receiving a copy of The Very, Very Far North by Dan Bar-el this week. Our whole school will read this book, keeping the same pace so we are all reading the same chapters at about the same time.

A Video Message for Prairie Hills Families from Author Dan Bar-el

We'd like to thank Prairie Hills PTO and Prairie Hills Families for their support of this project!

Family Activities:

We encourage families to also get involved. The last page of the students' Reader's Guide packets have a Family Bingo that includes fun activities the whole family can get involved in.  The Family Activities Bingo is also attached as a pdf below. We set up a Flipgrid where families can record a brief video showing their participation. To post to Flipgrid, you must use your students' Adams 12 email account.

Families are also asked to help students make a Reading Buddy. A craft kit with a template and felt will be sent home with each student. This template is also included as a pdf below. 

Students and families can listen to podcasts of the chapters. The current week's chapters will be made available in line with our school's pacing of the book. We will be reading about three chapters per week.

Audiobook Links:

Intro/Chapter One, Page 1 to 14 (Thurs., Feb. 4)

Chapter 2, pages 15-29  (Mon., Feb. 8)

Chapter 3, pages 30- 44 (Tues., Feb. 9)

Chapter 4, pages 45 - 66 (Thurs., Feb. 11)

Chapter 5, pages 67- 82 (Tues., Feb. 16)

Chapter 6, pages 83 - 97 (Thurs. Feb. 18)

Chapter 7, pages 97 - 120 (Fri. Feb. 19)

Chapter 8, pages 121 - 146 (Tues. Feb. 22)

Chapter 9, pages 147 -158 (Wed. Feb. 23)

Chapter 10, first half, pages 159 - 171 (Fri. Feb. 25)

Chapter 10, second half, pages 172 - 194 (Mon. March 1)

Chapter 11, pages 195- 220 (Wed. March 3)

Chapter 12, pages 221 - 237 (Thurs. March 4)

Chapter 13, pages 238 - 243 Read by Superintendent G'dowski (Tues. March 9)

Chapter 14 and conclusion pages 245 - 260 (Wed. March 10)

Letter from Duane, page 263-265 (Fri. March 12)

Daily Trivia for Students

March 19: What was your favorite One Book One School memory? (Everyone write this in your bookplate.)

Link to Submit Trivia Answers

Previous Trivia Questions:

March 18: Which Prairie Hills staff member do you think is most like Duane the polar bear? Explain why.

March 17: What is the name of the sequel to The Very, Very Far North?

March 16: Who is the shyest character in the book?

March 15: In Alaska, the highest mountain peak used to be called Mount McKinley. What was it renamed?

March 12: What is qiviut (pronounced kiv'-ee-ute)?

March 11 According to Duane, which day of the week is the best for "unexpected situations"?

March 10 Which book character hosts a tea party?

March 9: Are caribou herbivores, carnivores or ominivores?

March 8: Caribou migrate longer distances than any other land mammal. How many miles can they travel away from home each year? 

March 5: Which book character claims that their ancestors were responsible for winning 28 different battles?

March 4: What is an adjective that describes Magic's personality?

March 3: Which book character in The Very, Very Far North says they are fond of libraries and scientific instruments?

March 2:  Name two animals that actually get eaten by black-backed gulls.

March 1:  What are baby arctic hares called?

Feb. 26:  What animal is on a Canadian quarter?

Feb. 24  Where do arctic foxes go for shelter? 

Feb. 23   The Iditarod is a 1,000 mile dogsled race that takes place in Alaska. How many dogs are on a team?

Feb. 22    Thompson, Alaska once had a two day snowstorm that measured over 120 inches. How many feet is that? 

Feb. 19  How long can polar bears keep swimming? 1 hour, 5 hours, 1 day, or 1 week?

Feb. 18 What did Frank Epperson invent, and how old was he when he invented it? 

Feb. 17 Which state in the United States of America is farthest north?

Feb. 16  What product do musk ox farmers get from their musk oxen?

Feb. 11: Wingspan is the measurement of a bird's wings from tip to tip when it is flying. How long is a snowy owl wingspan? 1 foot, 2 feet, 5 feet, 10 feet or 12 feet?

Feb. 10: How many minutes are there in an entire day?

Feb. 9: Do snowy owls have feathers on their feet? 

Feb. 8: What color is polar bear skin? (Not their fur, but their skin.)

Feb. 5: Where does Dan Bar-el, the author of The Very, Very Far North, live?

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