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Accessing Student Dashboards From a Home Computer

Accessing Student Dashboards From a Home Computer

How to Access a Student Dashboard from a Home Computer

dashboard image

If an intermediate student needs to access their Student Dashboard at home, they should just log in to their Chromebook, click on the Google Chrome logo, and their Dashboard will load on their screen.

For primary students, or on a home computer, here are the directions to access the Dashboard.

1. Go to

2. In the Username field, enter the student's 7-digit Student Number that starts with 30_ _ _ _ _, also referred to as their Lunch Number. If you don’t know your Student Number, you can get it from your student or the classroom teacher. Use your given password. Kindergarten and First Grade students have picture passwords. The two picture passwords can appear in any order.


3. You will now see a Dashboard that is tailored to your grade level. Your name will appear in the upper right hand corner (see arrow.)

You can now access all of your learning materials!