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Distinction in Library Services Award

Distinction in Library Services Award

Christine Cervera, has been selected to receive the Distinction in Library Services Award this year at the Colorado Association of Libraries Conference. Christine is the Digital Literacy Partner and Gifted Talented Advocate at Prairie Hills Elementary School. She is an amazing educator and is very deserving of this award.

A word from Christine Cervera:

"Our Adams 12 Libraries are so important for our students' literacy development as they freely choose books based on their individual interests. As a Digital Literacy Partner at Prairie Hills Elementary, I serve with passion and heart, offering quality programming that supports literacy and also students' interests. More than 11,00 fourth and fifth graders have participated in the Elementary Battle of the Books program since 2006. One Book, One School programs, where everyone in the whole school reads the same book have helped build a readers' community, which is especially important during these pandemic times. The Colorado Children's Book Award gives children a voice as they vote for their favorite book. Students' minds are ignited by participating in activities such as Hour of Code which teach beginning computer science skills. Because of our 1 to 1 Chromebook initiative, students have many opportunities to use technology for learning, writing, and self-expression. Our Makerspace and engineering club offerings have given my students a heads-up on some possible future technical careers as they explore 3-D printers, robotics, and laser cutting and engraving. Amidst all the technology, there is still the thrill of putting just the right book in just the right child's hands."

Christine' Acceptance Poem:

"This greatest profession
The sweet spot to be
A library’s the place
That I love to be.

Sure there are challenges,
Technical glitches,
Budget cuts, lay-offs,
More advocacy pitches.
Piles of Chromebooks,
And tangled up cords.
A whole book contested
For one single word.

But the good stuff is shiny
Like Hour of Code!
New books arriving!
Award medals in gold!

Bright children’s faces,
Innovative places,
Messy Makerspaces,
The right databases.

Running with themes,
Transforming the look,
Planning events,
Battle of the Books!

Kids writing novels
Is certainly cool.
Dress up like a character
For One Book, One School.

3-D printers and lasers
Programming the best.
Always one more idea-
Harry Potter Fest!

Be your own guiding star
Write up a grant
Be ever inspired
Don’t say “I can’t”  

Lisa and Piper, Tiah and Team,
Principals and Admin
Whose wisdom I gleam,
We share the same goal
It starts with a child
Now nurture her soul
So she’ll blossom and smile.

Empathize through a story
Dan Gemeinhart wrote.
CCBA’s due in March,
Don’t forget to vote!"


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