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Hug and Go Lane

Our school has organized a Hug and Go Lane in our North Parking Lot to support a safe zone for student drop-off and pick-up away from city streets and utilizing a more controlled location that supports students safety.

Our Hug and Go Lane is a great option for a safe drop-off and pick-up each day, away from the street traffic. 

The second row in our parking lot IS NEVER a drop-off location for students. If you want to park and walk your child through the parking lot crosswalk you may, but with the height of vehicles students may NEVER be dropped off from your car from our parking area.

For our student's safety, please be patient with one another, we have a good flow of traffic which is under 10 minutes at both drop-off and pick-up.


The Parking Lot will open daily for drop-off and pick-up at:

Drop-Off 7:40 a.m. for breakfast or 7:50 for line-up (Monday through Friday)

2:50 p.m. (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)

1:35 p.m. (Wednesday)

Please yield caution to all Traffic Signage to articulate clear parking and non-parking locations and the importance of no U-Turns within our school zone and pedestrian walk areas.   Please have patience and diligence in our neighborhood as our students arrive and depart from school each day

Click here to find out more details.