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Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials

Why is Prairie Hills an excellent school?

Here is what our K-5 students say:

“I like Prairie Hills because I love outdoor recess. We have good swings. I love it when my teacher reads me poems. Our school library is great and we get to take our books to read at home.” -K.A., Kindergartener

“The teachers here are really nice. I am happy at school. My school keeps me safe. Teachers help me if I need help. At recess I get to play basketball. Everyone at Prairie Hills is respectful. This is the best school. My big brother loved it here too.” -G.A., First Grader

“Prairie Hills is a great school because it helps me learn. It’s the best school. We have recess and we go on fun field trips like the Stock Show.” -M.S., Second Grader

“All my teachers have always been helpful and nice. All the students are connected together. They treat each other well and don’t make fun of each other. I love how many after school activities we can be a part of. I got to be in Student Leadership, Choir and Japanese Club.” -G.S., Third Grader

“We have our PRIDE traits. We all have Lark Pride, it helps us persevere through our work, to be respectful, to be kind, and always do the right thing. This school helps me achieve my dreams. Student Leadership is a great way for us to help others at our school and in the community.”-V. M, Fourth Grader

“My school is amazing because the teachers are so respectful. You never feel alone at Prairie Hills because it is so easy to make friends. Being in NEHS- National Elementary Honor Society helps our school to have more resources for our students. We just organized and opened a Give One Get One Library book exchange system. Our principal is super nice and always listens to both sides of the story and always makes good decisions. The GT Nimbus Program introduces us to exciting new topics and activities. Prairie Hills is amazing!”-M.R., Fifth Grader